I’m a firm believer that a party is only as good as its pregame. Your pregame sets the tone for your night or your day party: the people you surround yourself with, the music you listen to, and the drinks you enjoy are all critical factors for the perfect pregame.

I can confidently say that I’ve certainly written more professional and more insightful pieces, but this one isn’t meant to be either of those things. This is a very human perspective on BOMANI and how a major inspiration for creating alcohol-infused cold brew coffee was to create the perfect beverage for the pregame. Whether you’re drinking beers, hard seltzers, or mixed drinks with liquor, BOMANI is the perfect complement to any pregame. It really was, and still is, that simple!

BOMANI is the perfect pregame beverage – a sessionable drink that provides both a kick of energy and a buzz. We all realized that alcohol-infused cold brew coffee was exactly what any pregame needed.

I want to clarify here that when I say “We,” I’m not just referring to Amin, Kai, and myself as co-founders. I’m not just referring to our incredible team, advisors, investors, and partners either. I’m talking about all of our friends and family who were pregaming with us when Kai, Amin, and I started asking them if alcohol-infused cold brew coffee was something they would have bought on their way to 264 (the nickname for our apartment in NY’s Nolita / SoHo neighborhood). The answer wasn’t just “yes” – it was a resounding, consistent, widespread “absolutely.”

I think all of my friends will agree that I’m genuine in my belief that a party is only as good as its pregame. If you spent time at 264, you know the drill: we’re listening either to West Coast rap or throwbacks, depending on how many drinks we’ve had. There are music videos on TV – mostly throwbacks though, because in my opinion, the mid-2000s are the golden era of music videos. Except for Company by Tinashe, which (hot take) is a contender for best music video of all time.

You’ll also probably remember that I never have clean cups, ice, or chaser – in other words, I’m a prime target for ready-to-drink cocktails. You’d think that someone who loves pregames would come prepared with all of the above, but in reality, I leaned on my friends to bring some with them as they came over! I’ve been made fun of for that fact forever – in fact, when we launched BOMANI, one of my friends texted me and told me that she’s glad it comes in a can, because otherwise I would have no way to drink it myself.

With that said, as much as I love BOMANI out of the can, many of my friends prefer BOMANI as the base of a cocktail – everything from simply adding coconut milk & agave to a multi-ingredient indulgent creation. In either case, I always get excited to see how the beautiful simplicity of alcohol-infused cold brew coffee has been a hit with a wide variety of people as the pregame drink of choice.

Today, in the days of social distancing, most pregames are reserved for smaller groups of people (or via Zoom) – which I respect and admire as we work together to beat the pandemic. In any case, I know I speak for all of us at BOMANI when I say that we hope you get to enjoy our alcohol-infused cold brew coffee at your next pregame.