Shirin Behzadi, Chairperson of the Advisory Board, Investor

Shirin Behzadi is a seasoned entrepreneur who successfully built industry-dominant companies and facilitated successful exits. Most recently, Shirin was the Chief Executive Officer of Home Franchise Concepts (HFC), which recently celebrated its 27th year as the top-selling family of direct-to-consumer brands in the home-related goods & services space. HFC’s four brands (Budget Blinds®, Tailored Living®, Concrete Craft®, and AdvantaClean®) are supported by more than 1,700 franchise territories operating in more than 11,000 cities in North America.

Shirin managed and coordinated a nine-figure majority buyout of HFC in 2015 by Trilantic Capital Partners. Under her leadership, HFC grew into one of the largest and most respected franchisors in the country, on track to reach record systemwide sales in hundreds of millions in 2019, a fantastic increase in roughly 3 years. In July 2019, the Company was sold once more, which provided exceptional returns for all investors in the company in a short less than 4 years.

On International Women’s Day 2019 (March 8th), Shirin was featured on the cover of Forbes Magazine online. Last year, Shirin received the Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2018 Award in the Direct to Consumer category in recognition of her leadership in innovation, financial performance, and commitment to her company and community. These awards come during a season of professional recognition for Shirin, including a cover story in the Franchise Times, selection as a presenter at the Strategic Growth Forum, and the subject of a profile story in Entrepreneur magazine.

Shirin has really come a long way since she was a 17-year-old immigrant who put herself through college by working at a gas station.

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Nick Gagliardi, Corporate Strategy Director, Member of the Advisory Board

Nick Gagliardi is a highly-respected veteran in the consumer products and alcohol industry. He began his career at Colgate Palmolive, where he spent 15 years in both sales and marketing positions exploiting his natural understanding of consumer demand and ability to execute at all levels from running National Accounts based in Arkansas to managing Colgate Palmolive Canada. He then joined Interbrew / Labatt Breweries in Canada in Strategic Planning.

Nick returned to the United States where he served as VP&GM of Labatt USA where he was instrumental in collaborating with the CCM Brewery in Monterrey, Mexico to strengthen brands such as Tecate, Dos Equis, Carta Blanca and Sol in the United States. He also was instrumental in in the launch and success of bringing Stella Artois to the US.

He then became President of Liquid Investments, a holding company based in San Diego, CA., which was the parent of the 10th largest Beverage Wholesaler in the US. Liquid Investments managed Mesa Distributing, Mesa Beverage, Colorado Beverage, and other business interests in Canada and Mexico for almost 10 years. He then served in a number of renowned positions that focused on sales, marketing, and the back-end operational side of the businesses, including COO of Monster Beverage, President of Great Artisan Beverages, and successful operations of his own business interests.

Nick’s broad, deep, thorough experience in the industry enables him to provide incredibly valuable insight as BOMANI prepares for its launch. It’s common for Nick to make one call to a distributor and have a meeting set within minutes – a feat that would take any other brand multiple weeks. The fact that distributors trust Nick to this level is indicative of Nick’s reputation: he has consistently introduced top notch brands and supported distributors through execution in the market.

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Dustin Lester, VP of Finance and Operations

Dustin grew up in Orange County and attended Chapman University – earning degrees in Economics and Accounting. After graduation he began his career in San Francisco and later would go on to accept an opportunity with Capstone, a hedge fund in New York City. During his time in New York, he learned of the project started by his close friends Kai, Sam and Amin – BOMANI Cold Buzz. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Dustin always had plans to one day come in at the ground floor of a company and BOMANI’s purpose closely resembled that of his family’s past ventures – challenging accepted norms. To Dustin, BOMANI is an opportunity to apply his skillset towards a meaningful purpose – introducing a health conscious alcoholic beverage that is convenient for the consumer.

Quick Facts:

Favorite time to drink BOMANI? Out on the lake or at a festival

Favorite music? House music – always a good time for house.

Passions? Assembling a quality Spotify playlist, traveling the globe, a pepperoni pie at John’s of Bleeker.

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Jack Morgenson, Field Sales Manager – Southern California

Jack was born and raised in Orange County, California. He moved up the coast to study International Relations and Tech Management, while competing at the Division 1 level in Track at UC Santa Barbara. After graduation, he moved to San Diego to pursue a career as a tech consultant. Long weeks of traveling across the country for project meetings and product presentations opened his imagination, and validated his thoughts on what co-founder Sam Madani shared with him. A health conscious, better-for-you alcoholic beverage that supported an active lifestyle that would become BOMANI. Jack loves that BOMANI offers people a delicious opportunity to avoid sugary and inflammatory drinks when they want a kick of natural energy in a conveniently canned alcoholic beverage. Not to mention, Jack was extremely stoked on the fact that BOMANI is gluten free.

As a decorated competitor, with two promotions and a quarterly MVP award at his previous company, Jack feels that every day starts at zero. Something tangible always needs to be completed for satisfaction. To Jack, BOMANI inspires people to accomplish what they have set out to do.

Quick Facts:

Favorite time to drink BOMANI? While cruising up a chairlift after a deep powder run.

Favorite music? Jack Johnson with the parents, and Deep House with the friends.

Passions? Confidently getting the lyrics wrong, and figuring out some far-off mutual friend we have in common.

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Joseph Molinaro, Field Sales Manager – New York

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, so NY has been my only home. As a kid growing up in Brooklyn sports and music were the everyday staples I called a life. I am a huge Knicks fan but Larry Bird was and still is my all-time favorite player which is how basketball became my 1st love, and I had hopes of playing in the NBA. I was a 5 time free-throw champion in NY and the league MVP my final year playing summer ball. Once an injury derailed that from happening during JV tryouts my sophomore year, I started bowling to rehab my arm. Although I was offered a scholarship to Sacred Heart, I stayed local for school at Brooklyn College and kept to leagues and tournaments. I have bowled 2 perfect games along with a 299 and 298. While in college I became a DJ for WBCR and started to pursue a career in music. Once Napster came about and put a large damper to that idea, I stayed in the music scene for a few years but transitioned to the IT world for a company creating software that was changing the education world. Like all good things it was during this time being a desk in front of a computer that I decided I needed to be out there with people trying to make a difference in person. I landed my first sales job with Manhattan Beer Distributors and never looked back. Over 6 years with Manhattan Beer, I was promoted 6 times working my way up the ladder until I was given the opportunity to run my own sales team in NY for Hopsy. Seeing the type of difference an honest salesperson can make I set my sights on selling something that could change the world for the better. As fate would have it, Bomani cold buzz was created and I saw an opportunity to put my stamp on the beverage world. I get the chance to bring one of the best tasting and healthiest alcoholic drinks to the greatest city on the planet, NYC!!

Quick Facts:

Favorite time to drink BOMANI? Anytime and EVERYTIME we pre-game!! Before a concert, before a game, or before we hit the city.

Favorite music? Mostly metal, but old school hip hop is always a favorite.

Passions? Playing with my kids, cooking like I’m on Top Chef, and rooting for the Mets, JETS, Knicks, and Rangers.

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Jennifer Wolfe – Business Development Manager

I was born a military brat in Fort Hood, TX but grew up in a small town in west TX, Abilene, TX. I am the only girl of 4 children so yes a big tom boy. Attended all my schooling in Abilene from Reagan elementary, Lincoln Jr. High, Abilene High and McMurry University.

I was employed with Target stores for 20 years in various positions. From Logistic manager, merchandising manager, remodel coordinator and store manager. After leaving Target, I decided to travel for a year before going back into corporate world. I re-entered the business world with a company by the name of Club marketing services. CMS is a broker company that does headquarter calls to Walmart and Sam’s club on behalf of suppliers that need assistance.

I was hired on to be a district manager of the field reps. In 3 short months I was promoted to regional manager and shortly after that to the Director of field operations. After 6 years as a director I was promoted to a sales manager position to call on buyers of Walmart and Sam’s club. I really enjoyed this position because it allowed me to come into contact with the big decision makers at Walmart Inc. I’ve cherished the relationships I’ve built over time while working in Bentonville, AR. And am looking forward to helping BOMANI grow our brand!

I have a passion to motivate, inspire and encourage people to be the best they can be at all times. I have a proven track record that I have what it takes to get the job done and welcome any and all challenges .

Favorite time to drink BOMANI?
Pre-game!! Before hitting the town with my friends as well as relaxing in the evening with friends and family.

Favorite music?
Old school R&B and gospel.

My passion is motivating people to be the best they can be at all times, to teach them never give up on their dreams and integrity is everything!

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Andrea Velez – Business Operations Manager

I was born in Bogota, Colombia and moved to Kansas City, KS when I was 8 years old. I studied Business Management at the University of Kansas…ROCK CHALK! After graduation I moved to San Diego, where I worked as an account manager for Acosta. After advancing my work at Acosta, I was offered an opportunity to move

Los Angeles and work for a startup- which is something I have always dreamt of doing. I started working for Integrity Wellness Brands where I got an opportunity to work with the BOMANI Cold Buzz Team. There’s nothing I love more than being a part of a company that’s growing and being part of that process is something that inspires me every day!

To me, working for BOMANI and Integrity Wellness Brands has been more than just a job, it has helped me find the work that I am passionate about.

Favorite time to drink BOMANI? Happy Hours, Festivals and at a tailgate cheering on the Chiefs!

Favorite music? Rap and Deep House

Passions? Traveling, Chipotle connoisseur, and smothering my dog.

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