The Espresso Martini is a delicious, and incredibly popular beverage that can be enjoyed year-round, but is especially well suited for a brunch or after dinner setting. BOMANI Cold Buzz takes out all of the hassle and inconvenience of having to pull your own espresso so that you too can enjoy a delicious coffee cocktail in the comfort of your home. Impress your friends in a few simple steps with the following creation: the BOMANI Cold Buzz Martini!


BOMANI Cold Buzz Martini
A cold brew variation of the classic espresso martini
BOMANI Cold Buzz, Vodka, Coffee Liqueur

2 oz of BOMANI Cold Buzz
1 oz of Vodka
.5 oz of Simple Syrup
.5 oz of Coffee Liqueur

Combine everything in a shaker tin with ice and shake hard.  Serve in a martini glass.  Optional: garnish with three espresso beans.