BOMANI Collective

What is the Collective

The BOMANI Collective is a hand-selected community of entrepreneurs, fitness gurus, Wall Street professionals, actors, musicians, artists, models, and more. By capitalizing on their respective complementary skillsets, Members of the BOMANI Collective work and grow together in tandem with the BOMANI brand.

To become a Member, you must be recommended by an existing Member or one of the BOMANI Brothers. In addition to getting access to the vast network of notable BOMANI affiliates, Members have VIP access to all BOMANI events. They are the first to receive exclusive apparel, the first to try new flavors, and the individuals that the company turns to for advice and opinions.

BOMANI Cold Buzz is incredibly proud and honored to serve as the host of the BOMANI Collective.

Welcome to the BOMANI Collective

Alexa Collins

Avery Singer

Bianca Nazario

Brandon Colon

Clay Rule

Erick Wilson

Kaitlin Reagan

Kristyn Ferguson

Madison Nirenstein

Rachel Greenan

Rachel Reckseit

Shane Sandler

Suzanne Egertson

Tim Centineo

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