How many calories and carbs are in BOMANI?

110 Calories, 0 Carbs, and 0 Sugars.

Where are your coffee beans sourced from?

Our 100% Arabica coffee is all ethically sourced from farms in Southern Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru.

Is BOMANI Cold Buzz gluten-free?

Yes, BOMANI Cold Buzz is naturally gluten-free.

Why did you name the product BOMANI Cold Buzz?

Read Our Purpose.

Where did the logo come from?

BOMANI Cold Buzz is Cold Brew with a Sting, so naturally, a wasp made sense.

What is the shelf life of BOMANI?

BOMANI Cold Buzz is shelf stable for 1 year.

What type of alcohol is in BOMANI Cold Buzz?

We infused our cold brew coffee with naturally low-calorie, gluten-free alcohol from sugar. It’s a new type of alcohol that you may have seen in high quality, trending drinks like hard seltzers.

Does BOMANI contain any allergens?

No, BOMANI is allergen-free.