Mark Twain once said, “golf is a good walk spoiled.” I think that’s because Mark Twain did not have access to a cold BOMANI. Luckily, you do.

With the spread of COVID-19 this year, many country clubs have locked up their golf carts to reduce the chances of folks spreading the virus over shared surfaces. Many golfers are now walking rather than driving around the course. The average golfer walks about five miles while playing an 18-hole course. They will swing their club (hopefully) under 100 times during this round, and likely spend close to three and a half hours attempting to get a tiny ball into a cup-sized hole. When you factor in the weather to your day outside, you are also dealing with the blistering heat of August. Sound exhausting? Fortunately, there is the perfect drink to satisfy the tired and thirsty golfer in the summer heat.

BOMANI Cold Buzz is the first ever alcohol-infused cold brew coffee. It contains 5.7% ABV, and tastes like a delightful cold brew. BOMANI contains roughly ½ a cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine per can, and it’s naturally free of gluten, dairy, and sugar–all of which cause negative physiological effects. It is a drink that will do more for you, without the drawbacks that come from consuming ingredients that cause inflammation. BOMANI was created for the health conscious and active consumer who doesn’t need to sacrifice their health in order to enjoy a tasty drink.

I have been able to play a few rounds of golf in the past few weeks, and even though the golf carts are locked up and my friends and I are walking the course, BOMANI is literally saving our round. This is true both mentally and physically. You want caffeine because of how much walking and swinging you are doing. Are you playing a bit tight or losing your ball on every other hole? You want alcohol. It is the drink we have all been waiting for to satisfy the drawbacks that come from such long days playing golf.

Let’s face it, golf is a sport that goes hand in hand with enjoying a drink or two. Golfers deserve this time out in nature, away from the chaotic work week, and among friends. Sipping a cold BOMANI is what today’s golfer deserves. Maybe Mark Twain didn’t enjoy golfing because he never had a cold BOMANI on the course. The next time you head out to play a round with your friends or family, bring some BOMANI and see what I am talking about. You’ll find it just as necessary as your rescue club.