Here at BOMANI Cold Buzz, people often ask us, “Why Cold Brew?” or, “what’s the difference between Cold Brew and Iced coffee?”

For my coffee aficionados, the answer is fascinating – and it’s integral to why BOMANI has its distinct smooth taste.

Cold brewing coffee is the process of taking coarsely ground coffee beans and steeping them in cold water for 12+ hours. To get the best flavor, I recommend keeping the water just above freezing, at around 34-40 degrees Fahrenheit. Cold brewing coffee helps preserve the natural coffee oils present on the beans – this is why cold brew creates a smoother, less acidic finished product. Since iced coffee is just coffee that is brewed hot and then cooled rapidly, you are essentially just drinking cold, watered down hot coffee. Hot brewing coffee denatures the natural coffee oils that hold a lot of the acidity you experience when drinking.

Our cold brewing process results in some interesting characteristics that are distinctly different than iced coffee and make for BOMANI’s one-of-a-kind, naturally smooth taste.

Our Cold Brew:

  • Coarsely ground 100% Arabica coffee
  • Ethically sourced from Southern Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru
  • Grown in mountainous, shaded regions for optimum taste profile
  • Medium roasted to offer a balanced coffee flavor without too much intensity
  • Steeped for 12+ hours in cold water
  • Natural coffee oils remain intact, offering a smoother, more buttery mouthfeel and less bitter taste profile
  • Cold brew is naturally sweeter and has notes of chocolate, toasted nuts, and caramel
  • 67% less acidic than traditional coffee

Other notes:

  • BOMANI is intentionally brewed to maintain a level of caffeine equivalent to ½ cup of coffee per can