First and foremost, if someone is reading this blog by now, they have likely heard that BOMANI recently entered the Colorado market statewide. Early on, we here at BOMANI have long viewed the Colorado market as a natural fit for our alcohol-infused cold brew coffee. The state gathers year round attraction to its beautiful outdoors, boasts a strong economy with sprawling metro regions, offers education at a number of notable universities, and is home to some of the best ski towns in the nation. But beyond market characteristics and other economic considerations, launching BOMANI Cold Buzz into the state of Colorado has some sentimental significance for me personally.

Let me start with my family -my aunt and uncle lived on a ranch at the base of Mt Garfield, just outside of Grand Junction. They had horses, cattle, used some of their land for crops, and operated a horse trailer business on site. My parents, brother, and I spent many summers visiting our family’s home out in Colorado. It was on their property when I learned the incredibly accurate phrase, “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.”

One summer, back when I was a kid, I remember we visited the Coors Brewery in Golden. As my father, grandfather, and uncle were all involved in manufacturing, we spent a very full day taking tour after tour. At the time, I couldn’t understand why everyone seemed to care so much about this “drink for grownups.” It took me 20 years, but after getting involved in BOMANI and experiencing the challenge of what Amin documents in The Creation of Alcohol Infused Cold Brew Coffee, I couldn’t have a deeper appreciation for obstacles and challenges a business will face in the process of building a beer brand to the magnitude of Coors.

One evening when I was a child, my dad was at home watching the NFL playoffs – it was the 1997 season and the Denver Broncos were making a deep playoff run, and ultimately would go on to win the Superbowl that year. My father recollects that even as 4 year old, I sat and watched the most of the game with him, an unusual behavior for a 4 year old with minimal interest in sitting still – not to mention, zero concept of what we were watching.  When he asked me why I was so fascinated, I simply told him I liked the horse on their helmet.

Word got out to family in Colorado who wasted little time in reinforcing my interest in the team and mailed out a kids’ John Elway jersey – which today would be a nice collector’s item except for the chocolate ice cream stain down the white #7. As I grew, my enthusiasm for the sport took off and I have been a loyal fan all along, often traveling to Denver each season with my father to catch a game at Mile High. (see photo below of me in the peak of my awkward and anxious years and yes that is a Jay Cutler jersey).

So whether you’re a resident or just spending a weekend in Colorado, please keep in touch and check our store locator to see the nearest BOMANI retailers or, feel free to order online for delivery to anywhere across the state, directly to your door.