3 tips on how to take brunch to the next level and start your day right with BOMANI

Brunch is one of my favorite experiences to enjoy with friends and family, I know it’s one of Sam’s favorite experiences too! Nothing is quite as great as rolling into your favorite brunch spot with friends at 1pm and recollecting the night before or reminiscing on shared experiences. In these current times, gathering with friends at home and recreating brunch has become more and more common so I wanted to pass along some tips on how to spark your brunch with BOMANI Cold Buzz!

In the past drink options at brunch were very limited. Typically, you either had mimosas, or bloody Mary’s, in either case you’re staring down a ton of sugar with the mimosa or a hearty drink with the bloody Mary. Sometimes you’re looking for something light, refreshing, and effective that also won’t bog you down with calories, sugars, or carbs!

Enter hard coffee and BOMANI Cold Buzz. You see, we figured since pretty much every time we go to brunch, we typically order a cold brew and a mimosa, so why not get the best of both worlds in one convenient can?

Below I’ve outlined 3 tips on how to elevate your at home brunch with BOMANI Cold Buzz!

BOMANI Cocktails

There is nothing quite as satisfying as a delicious, creamy, and smooth coffee cocktail to complement a brunch spread. Wow your friends with some of our simple and creative ideas on our cocktail page here!

BOMANI French Toast

Incorporate a boozy, coffee twist into a breakfast staple with some BOMANI French Toast! Simply add a splash of BOMANI to the pan as you’re crisping up your French toast, and if you are a big fan, soak the finished product with some BOMANI for a rum-cake like effect!

BOMANI Straight Up!

At the end of the day nothing is quite as satisfying as kicking off your brunch with an ice cold BOMANI Cold Buzz. It’s smooth, refreshing, and offers a little extra charge of energy to help get you going! Cheers!